Maximum image quality at a reduced data size

slimRAW is a fast CinemaDNG compressor. It saves storage space and reduces storage bandwidth requirements for CinemaDNG raw video production. slimRAW converts uncompressed CinemaDNG raw video to losslessly or lossily compressed CinemaDNG. slimRAW can also recompress and optimize size of CinemaDNG video that is already losslessly compressed.

slimRAW lossless compression does not affect image quality - the losslessly compressed raw video output is exactly the same after decompression as the original uncompressed video. Losslessly compressed CinemaDNG is compatible with various popular video production software. Alternatively, our high quality 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 and variable bit-rate lossy CinemaDNG compression provides for even bigger storage space and storage bandwidth gains. slimRAW can also downscale CinemaDNG footage to half the original resolution (for a total compression ratio of 20:1 or more when coupled with lossy compression).

slimRAW doubles as a CinemaDNG raw video data handling utility: it can offload video from camera or recorder media to two locations simultaneously with on-the-fly lossless or lossy compression, checksum generation and verification. It can also transcode lossy CinemaDNG to standard losslessly compressed CinemaDNG for use in applications that don't support lossy CinemaDNG.

slimRAW is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X.

slimRAW highlights

Choice of lossless or high quality lossy compression

slimRAW can compress to standard lossless CInemaDNG for a substantial data size reduction with no image quality loss, or do lossy CinemaDNG compression for even smaller data sizes. slimRAW can also recompress and optimize CinemaDNG raw video that is already losslessly compressed.

Offload with compression in a single step

slimRAW can offload CinemaDNG raw footage from camera or recorder media to main storage while losslessly or lossily compressing it in the same step. slimRAW compression is fast enough to make this practical even on location.

Dual output

slimRAW can optionally output compressed CinemaDNG files to two locations simultaneously. This is particularly useful for offloading CinemaDNG video to main storage and backup storage simultaneously.

Data integrity tracking

slimRAW can optionally generate checksums to facilitate data integrity tracking through post production and archiving. slimRAW can be used to verify these checksums at any later stage.

Supported cameras and recorders

Uncompressed CinemaDNG video from:

  • Digital Bolex D16,
  • Canon DSLR Magic Lantern raw (converted to CinemaDNG/DNG),
  • Sony FS700, Sony FS7 and Sony FS5 raw recorded through Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q/7Q+,
  • DJI Zenmuse X5R,
  • Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera (pre-firmware 2.1),
  • Ikonoskop A-Cam dII,
  • Kinefinity KineMINI 4K, KineMAX 6K, KineRAW,
  • Indiecam indieGS2K and indiePOV (uncompressed 12-bit CinemaDNG video as exported by Indiecam Instant-RAW software),
  • uncompressed DNG frame stacks from Fastec Imaging TS and HiSpec series cameras (10-bit in a 16-bit container and 8-bit),
  • most other standard compliant uncompressed 8-, 10-, 12-, 14- or 16-bit CinemaDNG footage.

Losslessly compressed CinemaDNG video from:

  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera,
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera (firmware 2.1 or newer),
  • Blackmagic Production Camera 4K,
  • Blackmagic URSA,
  • Blackmagic URSA Mini,
  • Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera,
  • DJI Zenmuse X5R,
  • most other standard compliant losslessly compressed CinemaDNG/DNG files, including DNG raw stills.

Lossy CinemaDNG from:

  • Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera,
  • Blackmagic URSA Mini,
  • Blackmagic URSA.
Downscale CinemaDNG to 50%

slimRAW can downscale CinemaDNG raw to half the original resolution, reducing storage and processing power needs in post production even further.

Lossy to lossless CinemaDNG transcoding

slimRAW can transcode lossy CinemaDNG to standard losslessly compressed CinemaDNG for use in applications that support lossless CinemaDNG but don't support lossy CinemaDNG.

Metadata preservation

slimRAW preserves all the original embedded metadata, including color, time codes and frame rate related metadata.


The multicore enabled parallel design of slimRAW makes use of all the available CPU power on your computer to maximize processing speed.

Output compatibility

Video production software supporting losslessly compressed CinemaDNG includes Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic Design Fusion, Assimilate Scratch, The Foundry NUKE, Lightworks, Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe SpeedGrade CC, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Lossy CinemaDNG is supported by Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve and Blackmagic Design Fusion.

Version 1.7.1 now available.