Release Notes

slimRAW v1.8.0 (02/23/2017)
  • Added 7:1 lossy CinemaDNG compresson mode.
  • Added support for Magic Lantern in-camera lossless DNG stills.
slimRAW v1.7.1 (11/21/2016)
  • Added an option to manipulate Digital Bolex D16 DNG metadata so that black level related issues are minimized. This is unrelated to compression.
slimRAW v1.7.0 (11/10/2016)
  • slimRAW can now downscale CinemaDNG to 50% of the original horizontal and vertical resolution, i.e. it can produce 1080p DNG/CinemaDNG from 2160p DNG/CinemaDNG, 2K from 4K, 2.3K from 4.6K, etc. to enable workflows with CinemaDNG raw proxies. Read more on working with raw proxies here.
  • Added the ability to override the DNG white level metadata of the output.
  • Some performance optimizations.
slimRAW v1.6.0 (07/18/2016)
  • Added 10-bit log encoded lossless compression mode.
  • Added two variable bitrate lossy CinemaDNG compression modes.
  • Added 5:1 lossy CinemaDNG compresson mode.
  • A non-linear companding curve is now applied on linear raw data before lossy compression for increased quality in the darks.
  • Added support for monochrome DNG/CinemaDNG files.
slimRAW v1.5.2 (05/09/2016)
  • Added support for 10-bit DNG/CinemaDNG. In particular, high frame rate 10-bit CinemaDNG from the DJI X5R is now supported.
slimRAW v1.5.1 (04/13/2016)
  • slimRAW lossless CinemaDNG output now circumvents a bug in Adobe Premiere Pro CC where Premiere would render CinemaDNG from Kinefinity cameras and the DJI X5R as too dark.
slimRAW v1.5.0 (03/31/2016)
  • Lossy CinemaDNG from Blackmagic Design cameras and slimRAW itself can now be converted to lossless CinemaDNG. This allows CinemaDNG import in applications which can't open lossy CinemaDNG.
  • Added support for DJI Zenmuse X5R CinemaDNG raw.
  • Added optional sound notification on finished processing.
  • Fixed an issue with elapsed time display in the case of long processing times.
  • Some performance optimizations.
slimRAW v1.4.0 (01/11/2016)
  • Added 3:1 and 4:1 lossy CinemaDNG compression modes.
  • OS X version: support for virtual file systems (and MLVFS, in particular).
slimRAW v1.3.0 (07/13/2015)
  • Added an optional second output. slimRAW can now save losslessly compressed output to two locations simultaneously. A typical use case: CinemaDNG and DNG files can be offloaded with on-the-fly (re)compression to main storage and backup storage simultaneously, with optional checksum generation and verification.
  • Minor usablility improvements.
slimRAW v1.2.0 (06/01/2015)
  • slimRAW can now recompress CinemaDNG/DNG files that are already losslessly compressed. This will usually further optimize their size. In particular, losslessly compressed CinemaDNG video from all the Blackmagic Design cameras can now be recompressed.
  • Fine-tuned compression profiles. This version compresses 0.5-2% better compared to the previous version.
  • Added a Maximum compression option.
  • Added a Fastest option which also doubles as an Apple OS X 10.9 Preview/Finder compatibility option.
  • Experimental support for (re)compressing DNG stills. slimRAW can now be used to get DNG stills into Premiere/SpeedGrade.
  • Significant performance improvements.
slimRAW v1.1.1 (04/28/2015)
  • Fixed a nuisance with auto verification where it would also verify checksums in any folders already pre-existing in the output location, this way unnecessarily increasing verification time.
slimRAW v1.1.0 (04/27/2015)
  • Added an option to automatically verify that output has been correctly written to storage after the compression/copy process.
  • Added trial mode.
slimRAW v1.0.0 (04/21/2015)
  • Initial release