The current version of slimRAW is 1.9.1.

slimRAW includes a limited trial mode. All functionality works in trial mode but slimRAW will only process the first few frames of each folder/sequence. These can be used to preview expected compression ratios, test if user CinemaDNG/DNG material works with slimRAW, or test slimRAW's compressed output for compatibility with other video production applications.

For unlimited processing you will need a license key, which can be purchased here.

Have a look at the user guide for installation instructions.

The system requirements are listed here.

Download slimRAW for Microsoft Windows Download slimRAW for Apple macOS

Important for Windows users:

When downloading the Windows setup executable with Google Chrome it is possible that Chrome shows a message saying "the file is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous". This is normal Chrome behavior for new executable files which haven't been downloaded "enough times" for Chrome to consider them safe. In this case click the arrow next to the Discard button and select Keep in the small menu that appears.

In a similar vein, if you use Internet Explorer a "not commonly downloaded" warning may appear after downloading the Windows setup file. In this case you should click on the Actions button and select "Run anyway".