Others about slimRAW

"It works beautifully! On my particular system I'm getting a slight chug when trying to play back 4K raw in real-time which I wasn't getting before, but 900 gigs of data was compressed to 360. Love it."

- Ben Powell Media

"Amazing product you have there, genius - super stoked with it! I open the converted files in Photoshop, Premiere or DaVinci - all are good. The timing couldn't be more perfect as we just invested fully in the 4k workspace, so I archive the original Raw dng's to LTO6 tapes then use the slimRAW converter to have the smaller files available to editors and animators - it's amazing for keeping our server space in check!"

- Jason Baney, Head of Production, SeeThat Limited

"Just bought your app. It's great! Compression ratio is somewhere in-between 2.3-2.9, I'm very happy with it."

- Marco Schott, Mactics Film

"It slimmed down a folder of 313GB / 90.525 files 4K and 2K both to 148GB. I forgot save the log but probably it wasn't more than two hours on a maxed iMac Retina. No difference in Resolve... A little bit off topic but SlimRaw compresses now Pentax 645z DNG files about 20%. Down from 65MB to 53MB. Many thanks!"

- Stefan Longin, Stefan Longin PHOTOGRAPHY

"I was wondering if using the Slim DNG would be slower than using the normal DNG files because they needed to be uncompressed, so I did an After Effects test to convert both the Slim DNG and normal DNG files to a Prores Quicktimes. The compressed DNG files were actually about 10-15% faster to convert to Quicktime. I imagine that's because the smaller, compressed DNG files were quicker to read from my Hard-drive. I also did a test using the Difference overlay mode in After Effects to look for differences in the DNG files before and after compression... both files were exactly the same."

- Forrest Brown, Broadcast Designer and Animator

"If you regularly work with Blackmagic, Magic Lantern Raw, Digital Bolex or any other camera that produces CinemaDNG, this application is worth its weight in gold."

- Jason Bowdach, Colorist/Online Editor, cineticstudios.com

"I got it and it's amazing: it shrunk my footage from my 7Q to 30% of its original size. And DaVinci Resolve handles it the same way as uncompressed raw footage. Thank you so much!"

- Jan Becker, Blue Tree Productions

"Wow, this is pretty sweet. I love how quickly it works, too. Getting compressed storage is going to be a HUGE benefit for D16 users since they're not supporting compressed RAW in camera yet."

- Keith Lango

"This saves you a ton of space. In our test the resulting files were reduced to 37.8% of the original size. We tested this with a 1 minute 5D mark III RAW sequence on a Mac Pro (quad) and it took 17 seconds to process."

- Sebastian Wöber, Founder, cinema5D.com

"Thank you for such beautiful software! It's really handy and I'm now saving some disk space by processing my recordings made with FS700/FS7 and Odyssey 7Q. Saving a lot of space on my NAS drive. Processing is fast even on a Gigabit LAN and compression does its job fine. I can open the compressed files in After Effects with Adobe Camera RAW without any problem too. And to end this I must say that support, answering one of my questions (about batch processing) was lightning fast and informative!"

- Stéphane Blanchardon

"I love y'alls program to death. After shooting StommelHaus's first feature film, What Happened in Danville (currently in post-production), we used SlimRAW to cleanly compress all of the footage from the 5D Mk III.

The whole movie was shot with MagicLantern to create CinemaDNG sequences and SlimRAW made the data management on the back end an absolute dream!

We now have the URSA Mini 4.6K and we're loving SlimRAW's new raw 5:1 compression option. We're currently developing a workflow where we shoot uncompressed 4.6K straight to 2TB SSDs using the Atoch C2S, then compress-upon-import to 5:1 for the final grade and Lossy VBR LT to hand off to our editor."

- Clifton Stommel, StommelHaus.com